Stylized Newsletter, February 27th 2023

Stylized Team

Stylized Team

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Welcome, new friends!

We received a big bump in popularity from around the world in the last two weeks after being discovered by a few online influencers. Because of that, our first update is:

Multiple languages landing page Multiple languages!

Stylized is now in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. Not all of the app is fully translated, and some of the translations might not be perfect, but we hope that this helps new users learn how to get around!

Product Updates and New Features

Multiple products

A big update on the editor allows you to now import more than 1 photo into the scene! Using the "Add Product" button on the right hand side, you can select any of your existing products to load into the same lightbox.

After that, you can edit the rotation and position of each product separately and create Magic Photos featuring all of them at once!

Multiple products in the editor

Editor updates: panning, angles, and more!

We’re officially releasing a slew of new updates to the Stylized editor.

  1. Click on a product and drag it to move it around

  2. Click and drag the background to pan the camera, allowing you to capture different angles

  3. Rotation and camera angle will be saved and transformed into Magic Photos, so you can do tilting shots, falling angles, and more!

New angles tilt and pan

Tutorial Video and Tips

We know that AI photos are new and the user experience hasn’t been fully figured out yet. Some of you have asked us for tutorials, so we made a short one on our YouTube channel. Follow for more in-depth tutorials where we go through each product feature in detail!

As a reminder, you can find our Referral Program by clicking the account dropdown in the top right - it's a quick and easy way to give your friends 30 Magic Photos and get 30 for yourself.

That's a wrap!

Thanks for using Stylized, and be sure to send any feature requests or bug reports to We're a small team, but we endeavor to treat every email with urgency, and no feature is too small to ask for.

We invite you to join our Discord community as the quickest way to get in touch!